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Whether you you stumbled upon this site or were invited to check us out, I want to thank you for taking the time to check out the page.  I sSBP Logoincerely hope you get some great use out of the content we’ve published. As a business major with nearly 20 years experience leading and following others, I have learned some valuable lessons and have interesting viewpoints on topics.

Please feel free to browse, read, and share your own opinions as I offer commentary on current events, business trends, tips for operating a successful small business (which includes social media content management), and throw in my overall, .02 cents.



How Snowflake CEO Bob Muglia triumphed over his career crashes

2017 is coming to a close, did you accomplish your goals for the year? If you didn’t, have you pivoted or identified what caused you to miss attaining your goals? It is never too late to begin planning for your future. Take Snowflake CEO Bob Muglia as an example. After several ‘failures’ or setbacks, he …

10 Fraud Indicators in Government Property Management

Fraud awareness is everyone’s responsibility, we all [should] know that. So why is it that numerous cases of fraud are reported on a seemingly too-often basis? Federal procurement officer indicted in $2.3M fraud scheme – Federal Times North Carolina couple receives prison term for federal contract fraud – Federal Times Supreme Group Fined $389 Million …

Why Do You Need a Small Business Website?

A professional small business website is more than just a digital business card. It is a suite of tools where you can provide information to your current and prospective clients. Websites allow you to promote your products, services and brand with your own voice. Did you know? 97 percent of consumers search online for products …


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Here are a few checklists and quick start guides, free of charge.

Social Media Checklist
One Page Social Media Checklist
Keys to a Successful Meeting
Successful Meeting Checklist
SBP Counterfeit System Checklist
SBP Counterfeit System Checklist


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SBP LogoSmartBizPractices started as an online blog (AJRosario’s Two Cents) during July 2014. During January 2015 the site outgrew it’s blog format, and I launched this stand-alone, self-hosted site.

Smart Business (Biz) Practices will continue to publish high quality weekly articles geared towards helping entrepreneurs and consumers succeed in the world of business. Topics of discussion range from Start-Up ideas, best practices, fleet management, marketing, social media content, consumer behavior, industry trends and much more.

If you are interested in starting your own business, learning new concepts and sharing your knowledge, you’re in the right place!

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