About Me (Angel)

In my own words

10614196_10205246255656363_4202445592013661971_nI am an older brother, a father and a devoted husband. Although I am now a 30-something year old living in Connecticut, I was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the United States (New York City) in the early 90’s. Since then I’ve completed a career in the United States Marine Corps, earned an MBA in business, and learned a few lessons along the way.

I currently work in the public sector overseeing asset management/compliance. My other job/passion is being a business owner with my wife Raquel. We own and operate Woody Things, an online wooden crafts store (check it out!).

Yes, I am a common man with common interests. I enjoy watching some good NFL Football on Sundays (or Mondays, or Thursdays.. or every so often, Saturdays lol); I enjoy working on cars, as I’m currently building an early 90’s Ford Mustang LX; I’ve trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at a the Renzo Gracie Training Facility.

As an American veteran I feel there is much work to be done to empower and assist our returning vets transition back into civilian life. As such, I work hand-in-hand with Devil Dog USA, Inc. to make sure our vets get the assistance they’ve earned.

Professional Bio:

Mr. Angel Rosario has over 17 years of asset management and accountability experience. After a career in the United States Marine Corps, Mr. Rosario earned a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Monroe College, New Rochelle, NY.

He is Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Industrial/Contract Property Management Level II certified by the Defense Acquisition University.

As a member of the National Property Management Association (NPMA), Mr. Rosario has been a frequent presenter at the local NPMA meetings, holding leadership positions as Nutmeg Chapter Vice President. In fact, Mr. Rosario is a frequent contributor and administrator to the Government Property Professionals LinkedIn group, a contributor to the Contract Property NPMA Special Interest Group, and frequent contributor to the NPMA “The Property Professional” magazine.

Mr. Rosario began his career in the Government as a United States Marine, Administrative Clerk, in 1998. He has served under numerous assignments, ranging from Logistics and Embarkation Non-Commissioned Officer, Substance Abuse Control Officer, Marine Corps Recruiter, Personnel Chief, Operations Clerk, Government Travel Charge Card Coordinator, and Defense Travel Coordinator. Mr. Rosario ascended through the ranks and finished his Marine Corps career in 2011, where he accepted a position as an Industrial Property Management Specialist for the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Contracting Management Agency (DCMA) under the Keystone internship program. Mr. Rosario once again ascended through the ranks and transitioned from Industrial Property Management Specialist to Property Administrator, by earning a Certificate of Appointment, otherwise known as a warrant.

As the DCMA Property Administrator assigned to multiple defense contractors responsible for billions in contractor contract property, Mr. Rosario is responsible for cross-training Government employees and defense contractors on the disciplines of Government contract property management.  Mr. Rosario has the technical competence in asset management, auditing, management and organizational leadership to work with small business owners and large Defense contractors alike.

Mr. Rosario has been the recipient of numerous personal awards including:

  • 7 Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals
  • Recruiting Station New York Recruiter of the Year
  • Recruiting Station New York Commander for Sub-Station of the Year
  • Multiple Certificates of Commendation, Certificates of Achievement, Letters of Appreciation
  • 100% Outstanding performance rating as a Property Administrator

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