10 Fraud Indicators in Government Property Management

Fraud awareness is everyone’s responsibility, we all [should] know that. So why is it that numerous cases of fraud are reported on a seemingly too-often basis?

Federal procurement officer indicted in $2.3M fraud schemeFederal Times

North Carolina couple receives prison term for federal contract fraudFederal Times

Supreme Group Fined $389 Million for Overcharging PentagonWall Street Journal

Feds: Parking lots owner swindled Los Angeles VA out of $11MWashington Times

And these are just some of the cases we KNOW about. Which brings to question, how can Asset and Fleet Managers better identify fraud in our daily lives? 

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Why Do You Need a Small Business Website?

A professional small business website is more than just a digital business card. It is a suite of tools where you can provide information to your current and prospective clients. Websites allow you to promote your products, services and brand with your own voice.

Did you know?

97 percent of consumers search online for products and services, but one out of every two small businesses is simply not there for customers to find. (sba.org)

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Back to Work after a Career Break

What’s the best way to let contacts know I’m getting back to work after a career break?

Last year I left my job to travel the world with my spouse. It was an amazing opportunity where everything fell into place and we just had to do it. This journey ends in a f ew weeks and I’ve started applying for jobs and doing phone interviews with recruiters. My question is, what is a good way to let my professional network know I’m back in field? Should I post a status update on my professional network (i.e. LinkedIn, industry group, etc.), or directly messaging my contacts? 

Congrats and best of luck in this new chapter! I say yes and yes. Contact colleagues/mentors, let them know you’re back after a year off to travel the world, and are ready to re-enter the workforce. Ask them if they have any advice they can share on the job hunt/resume/or recommendations. If they aren’t hiring themselves, they might know someone that is. I recommend Continue reading “Back to Work after a Career Break”

Adding Etsy Seller Experience to My LinkedIn Profile

Adding Etsy Seller Experience to My LinkedIn Profile

What are some of your best practices for adding Etsy/eBay/Amazon or any other eCommerce experience to your LinkedIn profile?Currently, I only have a link to my eCommerce shop, and I am debating the addition of a more detailed description of the skills needed to run a shop.  Social selling experience is in high demand right now and we all should definitely leverage that experience in our professional network. 

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Shopping For a Cause

Join us today at our live, online fundraiser!

Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN) is a national non-profit who provides youth ages 5-21 with Diverse Abilities in NYC some much needed Sports & Recreation activities. People with Diverse Abilities often struggle to stay healthy because of their limited physical abilities and/or their limited income. KEEN provides all activities (swim, basketball, gardening, arts&crafts) for absolutely FREE and do not turn any child away due to their differences.  Continue reading “Shopping For a Cause”