Back to Work after a Career Break

What’s the best way to let contacts know I’m getting back to work after a career break?

Last year I left my job to travel the world with my spouse. It was an amazing opportunity where everything fell into place and we just had to do it. This journey ends in a f ew weeks and I’ve started applying for jobs and doing phone interviews with recruiters. My question is, what is a good way to let my professional network know I’m back in field? Should I post a status update on my professional network (i.e. LinkedIn, industry group, etc.), or directly messaging my contacts? 

Congrats and best of luck in this new chapter! I say yes and yes. Contact colleagues/mentors, let them know you’re back after a year off to travel the world, and are ready to re-enter the workforce. Ask them if they have any advice they can share on the job hunt/resume/or recommendations. If they aren’t hiring themselves, they might know someone that is. I recommend contacting your peers personally to build on the personal/professional relationship you already have.

Additionally, there’s nothing wrong with casting a wider net. Especially if you are open to new opportunities and locations. Consider this- write an article about your travel experience, taking a year off, re-entering the workforce, etc. something correlating to your current situation, or the industry you want to enter. Maybe you can talk about your professional life (what you did/accomplished) prior to the ‘world tour’, why you decided to travel, and what you observed/learned. Then, mention how you’re happy to get back to work and welcome tips, advice and new opportunities.

That piece may reach someone in a position to help. Potential places to publish this article are industry forums, professional association magazines, LinkedIn and other online communities, etc.

P.S. If you write that article, please let me know and I’ll share it with my network.

I hope this helps! What tips, comments or suggestions would you recommend? Comment below!

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